Who we are...

Bill and Donna Patterson. We bought a used RV to start our retirement dream of seeing more of this wonderful country of ours.  We both have traveled but there is so much of America that we just never got to see. We like to take time to just travel the by ways and turn here and there to find the inter areas of this wonderful land.  Naturally Bill is always into the latest "Toys" and wants everything to be just right before going out on to the road.  Donna is the master of the inside and what matters...the kitchen!!  She doubles as the co-pilot and navigator.  Naturally we have a GPS, Tire Pressure system and a Rear camera to watch our "Herbie".  Who is Herbie???  What?  You call the RV "Gypsy"  What's that all about?

We love the theatre and everything about it.  The musical Gypsy is one of our favorites and if you know the story, Gypsy Rose Lee was dragged all over the country during the vaudville era by her mother, Mama Rose.  We have nick named our GPS Mama Rose since it's always telling us where to go!  Herbie was Mama Rose's boy friend who wanted to settle down but instead would always follow Mama Rose all over the country...wherever she would go.  So Herbie is our little Red 1995 Jeep Wrangler that hangs on for dear life on the tail of the big Gypsy, a 2006 Four Winds Class C 28 ft. RV.

We both still work during the school year.  Donna running her in-home Daycare, Patterson Family Style Daycare and Bill who owns a Web Creation business called Wright Way Mgmt Web Services.  The web business goes with us since the Internet is accessible where every we go so doing work for his clients is not a problem...most of the time.  We have found some areas of this great country that just do not participate in the modern technology.  Even with a Hot Spot we have been out of touch.  Kind of nice sometimes!  So check out the places we have visited and enjoy.